Travel Assistance

Each chapter located more than 500 miles from the Convention site may receive some level of student travel relief. Delta Chi’s travel assistance is not designed to nor will likely cover all of the costs of Convention travel and/or lodging. Delegates’ failure to attend the required portions of keynote and breakout educational sessions and/or missed roll calls during business sessions will result in a chapter’s ineligibility to receive this stipend.

In order to receive travel assistance, your chapter must complete the Convention Evaluation (below) by September 2, 2016.

Once its evaluation have been received and travel assistance has been approved, Delta Chi IHQ will issue a credit to the chapter’s account in late September or early October. It is up to the chapter leadership to distribute the funds to the entitled attendees (e.g. the attendee who used his own money to cover travel expenses to Convention).

Questions about travel assistance eligibility, the Convention Evaluation form, and/or the process should be directed to the Convention Coordinator.

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